E-Flight T-28 Trojan

The latest and most capable iteration of the E-Flight T-28 Trojan (BNB) is an absolute blast to fly.  Modelled on North American’s hard working and much loved trainer of the same name.  The US Airforce, Navy and Marine Corps wanted a docile and stable primary trainer with controls and avionics similar to what the cadet would be faced with when they made the transition over to jets. With the T-28 Trojan, they got exactlyE-Flight T-28 Trojan RC airplane in flight what they asked for. Despite giving sterling service, the Airforce phased their T-28’s out in the early 60’s in favour of a turboprop while the Navy and Marine Corps held on to theirs until the mid 80’s. The T-28 Trojan was also used in Vietnam as a ground attack aircraft in the counter insurgency role. Now in the hands of private collectors, they are often seen at air shows around the country.

Fourth Upgrade 

First introduced as a ‘park flyer’ more than ten years ago the E-Flight T-28 Trojan has emerged from its fourth upgrade. Available as a bind & fly (BNB) and  still featuring, a 1.1 meter (43 inch) wingspan. It’s easy to store and easy to transport back and forth to the flying field or the park, without disassembly.

Side on image of the E-Flight T-28 TrojanThis RC warbird is now equipped for serious sports flying and high energy aerobatics.  Stronger and more reinforced than before. Even the motor mount has been strengthened to accommodate a more powerful outrunner motor that is 3S and 4S compatible. 

The horizontal stabilator is fully moulded with fiberglass spars to stiffen it up. The wings were also beefed up and reinforced to reduce the flexing moment and prevent them from folding during tight turns and other aggressive handling, particularly with the more powerful 4S battery installed.

Ideal Next Step RC Plane

The E-Flight T-28 Trojan has been described as the perfect ‘next-step’ RC plane for a low time pilot looking to progress onto something more challenging. Yet possessing the stability and docility of its full sized namesake.  This is quite possibly the best choice you could make for several good reasons.

SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology is available at the flick of a switch.  This places limits on the bank and pitch angles to prevent over control and loss of the airplane.  Unlike training RC planes, there is only two modes of control. SAFE selected on SAFE off. There is no intermediate setting.

Keeping in mind that the T-28 Trojan is intended for pilots with some flying experience under their belt.Close up of the cockpit and wing Transitioning from a trainer means an intermediate mode is no longer needed.  That said, experience RC pilots will be astonished at the blistering speed and high energy aerobatic performance the Trojan has on offer.

It can fly fast and low in very tight circles and is extremely stable and forgiving in all aspects. You find with the Trojan, that you don’t have to focus and concentrate as much as you would on a more loaded and complex models.  

Compatible with 3S and 4S Batteries

Speed and performance on a 3S battery is pretty good. There is plenty of thrust for a broad range of aerobatics. It can just about manage a ‘knife edge’ pass although with a 4S battery you get far better results in the same manoeuvre simply because of the extra power. Many years ago, some RC pilots would upgrade their earlier versions of the T-28 Trojan with more powerful engines and batteries to improve the speed and performance.  Now, it comes that way straight out of the box.

Accessing the battery compartment of the E-Flight T-28 TrojanOne trick the  E-Flight T-28 Trojan has up its sleeve is its ability to fly slowly. The high speed, high energy aerobatics are always impressive and exciting. But the one thing that really wows the crowd at the flying field, is the low speed flybys. Thanks to the inherent stability of the Trojan’s design, a low speed inverted pass is described by many as ‘cool’.  

Thanks to the extra power of the 4S battery, you have almost unlimited vertical power. Loops, point rolls and rolling circles are handled with ease.  It can even hover and hang right off the propeller. it’s a little tricky to do though, because the ailerons are not full span. Nonetheless, still impressive for an RC plane in this price range.

Recovers By Itself 

Low hours pilots can gain useful experience by exploring the Trojan’s flight envelope with SAFE switched off.  Secure in the knowledge if they lose orientation or over control the airplane they can easily recover. Simply, flip SAFE back on leave the controls alone and the T-28 Trojan will recover back to straight and wings level flight by itself.  Confidence restored, climb back to altitude and flip SAFE to the off position and try again.

The E-Flight T-28 Trojan is a bind and fly (BNF) basic completion level only. Although it’s a 4 channel airplane, rudder, ailerons, rudder (nose wheel steering) and throttle control. It will require a five channel transmitter DSMX/DSM2 compatible transmitter. Also, a fully charged 3S (11.1V) or a 4S (14.8V 1800–2200mAh) LiPo battery with an EC3 or IC3 connector and a compatible charger.Side view of the RC airplane

Please note, if you are moving up from a training RC plane, committed to the hobby, and plan to fly several different models. Now, is the best time to also consider upgrading to a higher level transmitter. Preferably, a computer transmitter to allow for the different trim settings between your RC planes.  We would suggest a Spektrum DX6e or a DX8e. Perhaps even the NX6 or NX8 as a minimum.

The T-28 Trojan is supplied with a Spektrum AR631 (6 channel) smart receiver which is connected to the electronic speed control (ESC) and is capable of sending battery telemetry to the transmitter. If you have a computer transmitter that would be displayed as voltage level on the screen.

Hard To Beat

In conclusion, the E-Flight

T-28 Trojan is a scale model airplane that flies like a sport model. Easy to fly and super enjoyable. Ideal for someone moving up to a second RC plane. Phenomenal and exciting for an experienced pilot. It is extremely durable, stable with a broad array of features that make it hard to beat in terms of fun and sheer enjoyment.

Hopefully you found this post on the E-Flight T-28 Trojan useful and informative.  Feel free to check out our post on RC Airplanes or perhaps check out our other post on Bind & Fly (BNF). 

Happy landings.

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